With the sudden increase in apps for mobile & smart phone, the front-end designers & developers are in great demand. Simple knowledge of converting Photoshop templates to HTML nor just simple DOM (document object model) trickery with jQuery will go that extra mile be an expert in frond-end development.

So are you ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Understand how deep HTML5 and CSS3 goes? Join in this power-packed course & know the in-depths of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques from the experts of Front-end Web Development. ACT Now – Spend money at the right place and become a more flexible front-end designer today!

What we teach?

  • HTML Basic
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Styling
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Advanced
  • HTML5 Semantics
  • HTML5 Graphics
  • Javascript Introduction
  • Basics of Javascript
  • Types & Objects
  • DOM (Document object model)
  • Events & Listeners
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Javascript Libraries
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Dreamweaver
  • CSS Frameworks
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Responsive web design