We are Human resource consultancy and Research Center in India. We provide soft skill training in different fields. We feel that you have need for training in your organisation. Following are the details of few training programs.

Details of few training programs

1) Team Building / Team work

  • Why – What is Team
  • Different working style
  • Brian Storming on – Good Team
  • How can we Develop Good teams
  • Role of Team leader and Team members
  • Games/Activity on Team building- Maze
  • Conclusion and Feedback

2) Time Management 

  • What/Why is Time Management
  • Techniques of everyday success
  • Conquer Procrastination
  • Brain storming: Saving time
  • Activity- Time Management
  • Videos – Time
  • Conclusion and Feedback

3) Happiness Quotient (HQ)

  • What is HQ
  • How we get Happiness
  • Material and Immaterial Happiness
  • How to be happy
  • Advantages of Being Happy
  • Conclusion and feedback

4) Spiritual Quotient (SQ)

  • What is Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  • How can we develop Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  • Understand the Purpose of life
  • Living the Purpose
  • Success and SQ
  • Conclusion and Feedback

List of Trainers:

1)      Mr. Sunil Chhanwal
Director-C.H.R.C., MBA-Human Resource
Pursuing PhD at GTU (Work on Spiritual Quotient)
B.E. (PRODUCTION) from 9th level Engineering College of India (B.I.T.- Mesra-Ranchi)
Has worked as Human Resource Director of Private MBA Colleges.
Has worked with world No 1 company- CATERPILLAR (Earth Moving Equipment)
Has 10 years of training experience in government and private organizations.

2)      Major P.L. Devand (Retd.)
B.E. (Mech.), FIE (India), PGD (HRM), Certified team leader healthy for life program.
Lead assessor ISO 9000 quality management system (UK),
Managerial excellence through emotional intelligence etc.
Retired-ADRM-Jaipur, RRB- Chairman- Ajmer, Jaipur

3)      Mr. Harshad Dantalee
Marketing Head – IIRM (Pune)
Founder and Director of ISM (Private B School)
Advisory Committee – C.H.R.C.
Pilot, MBA

Following are other training programs that you can choose from

1.    Interpersonal Skills
2.   Motivation
3.   Personal Grooming
4.   Paradigm Shift
5.   Presentation Skills
6.   Positive Thinking
7.   Communication Skill
8.   Leadership Quality
9.   Brain Reprogramming
10. Emotional Quotient
11. How to sell yourself/Product
12. Departmental Training
13. Fire Walking (Motivation)
14. Brain Storming – Different Issues
15. Transactional Analysis Program
16. Quitting Addiction
17. Management Games For Trust, Team Building, Integrity etc
18. Quality Circle Program
19. Conflict Management
20. Male/Female Psychology
21. Activity of Trust
22. Soul-Purpose of Life
23. Activity of Link
24. Project Making
25. Reduce Absenteeism
26. Yoga, Dhyan, Pranayam (Meditation)
27. Secret of Success
28. Situational Leadership
29. Group Discussion
30. Body Language – Higher Level
31. Customer Relationship
32. Management Principle of Life
33. We can provide training as per your requirement.

A research study conducted by our organization in different companies in Ahmedabad revealed that more than 86% employees need training. It was also found from the study that 98% employees felt, training is important and has brought positive change in their attitude towards work

Objectives of our program

  • Make employees more positive and devoted for organization.
  • To make better professional and personal life
  • Develop strong relation between Employer and Employee.
  • Higher productivity with optimum staff.
  • High motivation and moral.
  • Ethics at work place and better working culture.
  • Better team cooperation and efficiency.
  • Integrating employee’s and organization’s Goal.

Measuring impact of training on employees

  • Increase in output per candidate/team
  • Better feedback after training about the company
  • Pre and Post-test*(Additional Charge)
  • Blank feedback for company/HR/Team Head
  • Reduction in number of conflicts and employee turnover ratio
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Better cooperation, Efficiency/accuracy, Increase in obedience

Important points

  • We will take Post training test.
  • Will provide analysis report.
  • We will provide all required materials.
  • We will provide different level Trainers as required.
  • We can provide training for any number of employees at any place.
  • Sufficient time and support will be provided.

We can also associate for

  1. TNA- Training Need assessment
  2. Developing Induction Training Program
  3. Research
  4. HR System
  5. Recruitment

Few Organization where we have provided Consultant and Training




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