We Provide Recruitment for all types of profit and non-profit Organisations. We can also be HR partner by taking all the functions of HR (Recruitment, Training, Appraisal, and Policy Making).

Important Points

  1. We charge 33% of the candidates recruited.
  2. We replace the candidate up to 3months from the date of appointment.
  3. Companies will have to pay in advance 10% of the total requirement.
  4. We can take technical and non-tecnical (Aptitude) test according to requirement.
  5. We can be HR partner on monthly remuneration, according to the requirement. We can be HR partner (Recruitment, Training, Appraisal, and Policy Making)of your organisation.
  6. All the primary interviews will be conducted at our Premises.
  7. Sufficient time and support will be provided.
  8. We can provide recruitment for any number of candidate for any duration.

Rules and regulation

  1. Funds once paid would not be refunded under any circumstances after the training.
  2. Management will have Final rights on decision/contract.
  3. Management will have all the rights to Postpone/cancel the recruitment programme under unfavourable conditions.
  4. The Refund under extreme condition would be done only after a formal explanation through letter and meeting.


STEP- 1                Send an E-mail describing requirements of recruitment from concerned department.

STEP-2                 Payment of 10% advance of total recruitment through cheque/online NEFT transfer.

STEP- 3                Taking primary interview within 3 to 7 days at our premises.

STEP- 4                 Provide two to three fold of required candidate to choose from within 4 to 8 days.

STEP- 5                 Pay the remaining fund once you appoint the candidates.

STEP- 6                 We will provide replacement up to 3 months.

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