C.H.R C. was Established on 28 February 2015 under CHHANWAL GROUP With A Motive To Provide Spirituality based services in different fields of Human resource.

The Aim is to build capacity to recruit, train and sustain employees mainly through Spirituality.

C.H.R.C. strive plans to collaborate with corporates, the government and general public to do so. The nation is in need of enhancing skills today. Together we can bring in ‘spirituality’ training to far more people than if we tried alone. The idea is to partner with others with the corporates because they are the main job providers and government because of the scale of their presence. We will look at bringing in expertise not just from India, but also overseas. Spirituality, Quality, reach and scale are the four pillars of C.H.R.C.. We want to be close to where the demand is and also where the employees are.

We can associate for

  • Soft skill training with TNA- Training Need assessment
  • HR System
  • Developing Induction Training Program
  • Recruitment
  • Research

1) Soft Skill Training with TNA

  • Provide soft skill training
  • TNA- training need assessment on regular basis
  • Provide technical training*

2) HR system

  • Appraisal system
  • Pay roll
  • Reporting system
  • Scheduling
  • Work distribution
  • Role and responsibility
  • Leave system
  • Appointment letter and formalities
  • Collection of ID and records
  • Verification of each employees
  • Average working hours and shift system

3) Developing Induction Training Program: We would Developing Induction Training Program according to your organisational need. We would provide the Induction training after testing and revising it for three times. Following are the details.

  • Develop two to fifteen day induction program.
  • Documentation of the training and standardization.
  • Different topics Mission and Vision of the company will be taken up.
  • Testing and revising it for three times.

Procedure for Association

  1. E-mail from Concerned Department.
  2. First meeting with our Director
  3. Final proposal for the programs
  4. Payment Of Fifty Percent Fund In Advance in favor of Chhanwal Human Resource Consultancy.
  5. Provide Tentative Date For Starting the program.
  6. Delivery of Programs and Consultation.
  7. Remaining Fund To Be Paid accordingly.


  1. This proposal is valid for 1 month.
  2. We can negotiate on rates and time depending on the difficulty, duration and number of programs.
  3. If you are looking for long term, we can also work on monthly basis for the same.
  4. Additional 5% discount can be availed if paid total fund in advance.
  5. Funds once paid would not be refunded under any circumstances.
  6. Management will have all the rights to Postpone/cancel the program under unfavorable conditions.

4) Recruitment (Staffing solution)

  • Provide all the staff for the company
  • Use different mode of Print and Job portals like or
  • Replace the staff for 3 months for each post
  • Primary interviews will be conducted at our premises
  • Sorting and grading of candidates will be done
  • Backup of staff will be done for future recruitment
  • Data base of candidates will be developed

Note: All advertisement cost will be paid by the company

Recruitment Procedure

  1. Minimum requirement should be 5 candidates. E-mail describing requirements from concerned department.
  2. Payment of 10% advance of total recruitment through cheque or online transfer.
  3. Calling candidates for taking interview within 7 to 10 days at your premises.
  4. Provide two to three fold of required candidate to choose from.
  5. Pay the remaining fund once you appoint the candidates.
  6. We will provide replacement up to 3 months.

Following are other training programs that you can choose from

  1. Brain Reprogramming
  2. Emotional Quotient
  3. Happiness Quotient (HQ)
  4. Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  5. How to sell yourself/Product
  6. Interpersonal Skills
  7. Departmental Training
  8. Fire Walking (Motivation)
  9. Management Games For Trust, Team Building, Integrity etc
  10. Transactional Analysis Program
  11. Brain Storming – Different Issues
  12. Motivation
  13. Quitting Addiction
  14. Quality Circle Program
  15. Conflict Management
  16. Male/Female Psychology
  17. Activity of Trust
  18. Soul
  19. Paradigm Shift
  20. Activity of Link
  21. Project Making
  22. Reduce Absenteeism
  23. Yoga, Dhyan, Pranayam (Meditation)
  24. Secret of Success
  25. Situational Leadership
  26. Group Discussion
  27. Body Language – Higher Level
  28. Customer Relationship
  29. Management Principle of Life
  30. We can provide training as per your requirement.

Objectives of our training

  • Make employees more positive and devoted for organization.
  • To make better professional and personal life
  • Develop strong relation between Employer and Employee.
  • Higher productivity with optimum staff.
  • High motivation and moral.
  • Ethics at work place and better working culture.
  • Better team cooperation and efficiency.
  • Integrating employee’s and organization’s Goal.

Measuring impact of training on employees

  • Increase in output per candidate/team
  • Better feedback after training about the company
  • Pre and Post-test*(Additional Charge)
  • Blank feedback for company/HR/Team Head
  • Reduction in number of conflicts
  • Decrease employee turnover ratio
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Better cooperation
  • Efficiency/accuracy
  • Increase in obedience

Important points

  • We will take Post training test.
  • Will provide analysis report.
  • We will provide all required materials.
  • We will provide different level Trainers as required.
  • We can provide training for any number of employees at any place.
  • Sufficient time and support will be provided.

Few organizations where we have provided consultation and training

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